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Concrete Void


Polystyrene (EPS) is an ideal product for the forming and shaping of concrete profiles in all areas of building and construction.

WA Polystyrene cuts polystyrene to almost any shape and profile for void formers, block-outs, and for simple or complex formwork shapes. The polystyrene can be removed after the concrete is set, as the job requires.

Concrete formwork and block-outs made from polystyrene are practical, economic and efficient. Being light-weight they are usually easy to install, and often are more time saving and cost effective than the timber and steel alternatives. Many complex concrete shapes can most efficiently be achieved with polystyrene block-outs cut to your specifications.

Polystyrene sheets and blocks are also excellent load reduction materials when incorporated into suspended concrete slabs. Polystyrene block material is invaluable too as a load-reducing void filler for compressible soils.

Chasing the best polystyrene adhesive? We recommend the Ritetack – Instant Grab Construction Glue Adhesive.

Ideal for Void Formers and Blockouts

Practical, Economical and Efficient

Excellent Load Reduction Product

Custom Cut Shapes and Profiles

Void Formers and Blockouts

Concrete Void Formwork
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