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The polystyrene panels prevent the passage of air through the floor to outside, and cold air from entering directly through the floor. In addition, their main benefit is as a thermal barrier to prevent the convection/movement of heat energy into and out of the house through the floor. The polystyrene stabilises the internal temperature of your home and saves on energy bills.

For more technical information on polystyrene see our technical data sheet on the top right, next to the menu navigation.

Chasing the best polystyrene adhesive? We recommend the Ritetack – Instant Grab Construction Glue Adhesive.

Garage Door Insulation keeps the heat out in summer by lowering the temperature of the door by up to 15°C. Also, helps stop heat from escaping through the door in winter.
The Insulation panels are made to improve the look of your garage door. The insulation has a smooth white look which transforms your garage door from a mess or metal to a stylish feature.
The Garage Door Insulation Kit is very easy to install. There are no special tools required and all you will need is a tape measure, a straight edge and a sharp Utility knife.
Provides other benefits to both the homeowner and their neighbours by helping reduce sound transmission through the garage door.


DIY Single Garage Door Kit

$100 + GST

Single Garage Door Insulation Kit Includes:

  • 8 x Insulation Panels
  • 1 x Tube of Instant Grab Adhesive
  • Instruction Sheet

*Each Panel is 1200 x 600 x 40mm Thick

Garage Door Insulation
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DIY Double Garage Door Kit

$200 + GST

Double Garage Door Insulation Kit Includes:

  • 16 x Insulation Panels
  • 2 x Tubes of Instant Grab Adhesive
  • Instruction Sheet

*Each Panel is 1200 x 600 x 40mm Thick

Garage Door Insulation
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1. CUT

Garage Door Insulation

2. FIT

Garage Door Insulation


Garage Door Insulation


WA Polystyrene also offers a custom-cut service, and cut the insulation panels to your required measurements, to drop into the sectional spaces of your garage door (ready to go). Just measure up and give us the dimensions of each section, as per below image, measuring vertically and horizontally each section that is to be installed (orange-filled area). Generally, there would be 8 panels for a standard single garage door and 16 panels for a standard double garage door.

The same goes with the thickness of the panels, we also can custom cut the thickness of the panels. A thickness of 40mm will be a good fit in many cases, though panel thicknesses can range from 32-45mm, so check this dimension too.

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These garage door insulation panels, at 40mm thick, have an R1.1 thermal resistance rating. This thermal performance is typically stable over decades after installation. (WA Polystyrene panels are made from firm grade of polystyrene with thermal conductivity of 0.035W/m.°K.) The door system value will be higher than R1.1 due to the characteristic of the steel door panels to radiate heat and cold – in this case forced to radiate outside due to the thermal resistance of the polystyrene panels.

Customer Testimonials witness to recorded temperature decreases of 10°C – 15°C and more in the garage on hot summer days, and moderated winter temperatures too.

In addition to improved comfort, the more moderate temperatures inside an insulated garage result in less condensation – so less damp and mould, and reduced rusting of the mechanisms caused during periods / nights of extreme cold and wet weather. Most homeowners are likely to experience lower ongoing energy costs as a result.

Acoustics inside the garage area are also improved by the sound absorbing characteristics of the polystyrene panels that will moderate reverberation and harshness of sound caused by the hard surfaces typical in most garages. This can be good, both for those living inside the house, and for the neighbours too! Door and motor operation will sound quieter as well.