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Underfloor insulation are essential with polystyrene foam-cut sheets preventing airflow and heat loss or intrusion. EPS, XPS and foilboard panels are ideal for underfloor insulation.

The polystyrene panels prevent the passage of air through the floor to outside, and cold air from entering directly through the floor. In addition, their main benefit is as a thermal barrier to prevent the convection/movement of heat energy into and out of the house through the floor. The polystyrene stabilises the internal temperature of your home and saves on energy bills.

For more technical information on polystyrene see our technical data sheet on the top right, next to the menu navigation.

Chasing the best polystyrene adhesive? We recommend the Ritetack – Instant Grab Construction Glue Adhesive.

Moisture Resistance

High Compressive Strength

Environmentally Friendly and Efficient

Value-for-Money Insulation Choice